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Gene Therapy

Gene therapies are redefining the treatment of a host of devastating diseases, giving hope to patients who previously had no therapeutic options.

We share a common belief with the industry: that the potential of gene therapies is enormous. In the battle against rare diseases and beyond, gene therapies can be transformative and the right insights and connections will sharpen the weapons that are in your arsenal.

That’s why the Gene Therapy team focuses on the most challenging problems facing every aspect of the industry, sourcing leading experts with innovative solutions and distilling this into market-leading global conferences.


AAV Durability: The Road to a One-Shot Cure

Inconsistent long-term clinical data has highlighted the need to better understand the durability of AAV-based gene therapies.

At Hanson Wade Intelligence, our Market Research division, we assessed 121 different clinical trials across the 4 main target tissue types – liver, muscle, CNS and ocular tissues. As well as extracting and summarising specific durability data, we explored key findings across tissues, trials, routes of administration, doses and serotypes.

Through the comprehensive report that we have produced, we intend to provide gene therapy developers with valuable insights on the durability of the current generation of therapies across the disease landscape.

“Best conference of the year for gene therapy companies to understand how our industry is tackling the challenges of pioneering the development of our advanced therapy products”
Benjamin Dewees, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, Sangamo Therapeutics