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Sustainability | Quality | Capital Efficiency

As pharmaceutical leaders embark on manufacturing 4.0 journey, the LS Manufacturing series continues to serve industry leaders to drive innovation in development, operations in manufacturing.

Through candid sharing and open dialogue facilitated by our community thought leaders, we help you curate long-term partnerships and benchmark to de-risk implementation of disruptive new technologies in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry.

We strive to help Process Development, Manufacturing, Procurement and Operations trailblazers to achieve operational excellence, sustainability, capital efficiency – bringing novel products to patients in an affordable and accessible manner. Find out more here

‘Very engaged and open participants - virtually every presentation contained a nugget of wisdom that holds potential for implementation at my organization.’
William Bullock, Group Director of R&D Operations, Bristols-Myers Squibb

‘Really good presentations, discussions and valuable network building opportunities.’
Jon-Paul Sherlock, Director – Global Technology Strategy, AstraZeneca