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The PREDiCT: Series

What is the PREDiCT Series?

PREclinical Disease Modeling for Clinical Translation

Advancing Your Drug Candidate from Preclinical Stage to Clinic with Confidence & Bring Innovative Drugs to Patients Faster

The events within the PREDiCT Series focus on supporting drug developers in accelerating their innovative therapeutic pipeline to market, by bringing the preclinical community together to share, discuss and collaborate on how to advance preclinical studies.

Through novel technology adoption (from computation programs, to animal models, to better imaging modalities) our community discover the different approaches they can take to arm their translational decisions, enabling them to have a better understanding of candidates and the confidence to enter clinical trials knowing it is safe and effective.

“This conference was amazing! The collaborations I created are priceless. Thanks so much!”
Kiera Rycaj, Assistant Professor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute