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The Undruggable Series hosts the industry-leading forums to unite the leading minds from large pharma, biotech and KOLs at the forefront of academic research in this explosive field. Our mission is clear – to drug the “undruggable” once and for all by overcoming unique discovery and development challenges through new and emerging approaches.

Each meeting will incorporate a unique collection of data-driven case studies demonstrating novel methods and small molecule approaches, enabling the industry to tap into the huge therapeutic and commercial opportunity within the undruggable space.

“The Undruggable Series inspires attendees to share, learn, and collaborate around the significant progress global researchers are making to better understand, target, and drug the promising biomacromolecules that have been traditionally very challenging to treat therapeutically. An excellent platform to forge new relationships with researchers and companies working toward similar, impactful goals.”

Kaelyn Wilke, PhD
Product Manager - Emerging Chemical Synthesis
Millipore Sigma