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After the explosive news that CAR-T therapies can now be considered curative, now is the time to unite with your industry, from the long-standing commercial giants to the trailblazing pioneers, and discover new strategies for everything from discovery to early phase development to commercialization.

Whether you are developing novel constructs, new clinical trial strategies or innovative manufacturing approaches for large scale production, these multi-tracked meetings can support your whole team and provide the tools needed to advance your own pipeline towards clinical and commercial success. It's more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve. 

“The CAR-TCR Series has gained popularity and is considered a prestigious conference in the field of cell and gene therapy. The networking and conference platform that I have experienced initially as an attendee and as an invited speaker has really given an edge on providing updates and connections with the industry and academic experts.”

Immuneel Therapeutics

“Well planned, no flaws, just amazing! No other event covers end-to-end topics from biology to discovery to post-commercialisation in cell therapy.”

Johnson & Johnson

“The IO field and CAR-T / cell therapy field is advancing at an incredible pace. Conferences like this are a great opportunity to keep up with the many creative and novel approaches being explored to develop next generation therapies”