Hanson Wade Group is committed to respecting everyone’s human rights in all aspects of our operations. Whilst we are based in the UK, we believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that human rights are understood and observed in the areas that we work, including our suppliers based both inside and outside of the UK.

We support the principals set out in the following international standards:
• The International Bill of Human Rights
• The International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work


At Hanson Wade Group, it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a work environment that reflects a respect for human rights and is free from all discrimination and harassment.

This policy applies to all employees, workers and contractors of Hanson Wade Ltd. It is also expected that suppliers and partners of Hanson Wade Group will comply with the law as a minimum and should do their utmost to comply with the principles of this policy which are also duplicated within our supplier code of conduct.



The Board of Hanson Wade Group is responsible for ensuring adherence to these commitments, and our senior management have the responsibility for overseeing the implementation and ensuring that any alleged breaches of Human Rights are appropriately and promptly investigated.

If you believe that someone, either in Hanson Wade Group, or one of our suppliers or a contractor is violating this Human Rights Policy and/or the law, you are asked to report it immediately to your manager, a member of the HR team or report this through our Speak Up policy. We also encourage our suppliers and contractors to also have in place a process for their own staff to report such concerns.

This policy will be published on our website, but it is the responsibility of the relevant manager or employee that has procured the services of a supplier to ensure that our suppliers are provided with a copy of this policy, along with our supplier code of conduct.

Any breach of this policy will be investigated and may result in disciplinary or (if you are not an employee of Hanson Wade Group) other enforcement action being taken against you.



Underpinning our responsibility to Human Rights are the following commitments:

Equality and Diversity

We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive work environment, where all people are treated fairly and with respect. We have a dedicated Diversity Awareness and Equal Opportunities policy which sets out our commitment to our employees that all should be treated as equals and be treated with dignity and respect.

Separately, our supplier code of conduct outlines our expectations of our suppliers in relation to fair treatment, non-discrimination and diversity and inclusion.

Labour and Wage Rights

We provide fair working conditions for all of our employees including terms and conditions of employment, remuneration, working hours, holiday entitlements, family-related leave and benefits. We are committed to ensuring that our employees are not paid lower than is required by law.

We require our suppliers and contractors to comply with all local legislation and outline our explicit expectations in relation to Labour, Wage and Human Rights within our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

We respect the rights of our employees to join or not join a trade union and as such they are free to join an organisation of their choice to represent them in line with local legislation. We see this as an important component of building a culture of trust and mutual respect within the business.

We require our suppliers and contractors to allow their workers and employees to associate freely, bargain collectively and seek representation in accordance with local laws as outlined within our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Modern Slavery

We take a zero-tolerance approach to acts of modern slavery and are committed to continually improving our policies, standards and processes to ensure that any abuses do not take place in our business or supply chain. We require our suppliers and contractors to comply with applicable local legislation and set out our explicit expectations on Freely Chosen Employment and Combatting Modern Slavery within our supplier code of conduct.

Child Labour

Employees of Hanson Wade Group are only employed in the UK and we comply with all relevant legislation in relation to young workers. We do not tolerate child labour and require that our suppliers do not use children in their operations.

We are committed to paying interns and apprentices a fair rate for their work and expect the same from our suppliers.

Rights of Customers

We are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business doings and relationships and to ensure that no customers are discriminated against. This means we will provide responsible marketing and clear pricing for our events and products. We treat our customer data with the respect that it deserves and have in place data policies that are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Should any customer have concerns regarding Hanson Wade Group’s activities and compliance with our Human Rights policy or legal obligations, they can raise these through our customer services channels by emailing [email protected].

Health & Safety

We recognise that the health and safety of our employees, along with that of everyone entering our premises is of the utmost importance. We have a specific policy which sets out our commitment and the responsibilities of management and employees and we require our suppliers and contractors to apply with all applicable legislation.



We will review this policy at least annually, updating it, as and when necessary, to reflect changes in relevant legislation and improvements in approach.