Our Wader Values

At Hanson Wade Group, we are all about empowering individuals to power the fields we specialise in.

Our teams and colleagues follow six distinct principles which make us ‘Waders’. These describe key aspects of our culture and what we believe in, and they guide how we engage with one another, with customers and with all our partners.

Win together, lose together

• We play as a team and rely on each other.
• We look after each other with respect, kindness, and empathy.
• We empower each other.

Ambition fuels us

• We believe growth is a cultural goal as well as a commercial goal.
• We grow through delighting customers, great execution and perseverance.
• We set stretching but achievable targets.

Do the right thing

• We operate with integrity and we communicate with honesty.
• We do what we say and say what we do.
• We are ‘good eggs’.

Earned trust through transparency

• We set context for shared understanding.
• We make evidence-based decisions and data drives our meritocracy.
• We discuss openly and commit fully.

Ready, willing and enabled

• We have a growth mindset and bring solutions.
• We learn and develop both personally and collectively.
• We make it happen.

Smart risk takers

• We test, we win, we fail, we learn.
• We champion ownership, accountability and initiative.
• We are bold and we move at pace.

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