Enabling Growth is at the Heart of What We Do

Hanson Wade Group gives people the clarity to see where opportunity lies. We work in highly specialized fields to provide an unmatched depth and quality of content. We work in sectors where the quality of information is the difference between success and failure.

Our Relevance

We deliver relevant information, derived from deep industry research and understanding to improve your decision-making. We also provide connections with like-minded individuals facing similar challenges, empowering you to navigate complexities and make informed choices with confidence.

What We Deliver

We curate specific, timely, and granular intelligence tailored to defined market niches. Through our range of platforms and services, we find areas of unmet need and provide an environment for critical decision-making with unrivaled access to content and connections.

Our Impact

Our product insights aid critical decision-making, addressing shared challenges and enabling more effective solutions. Through content, connections and comprehensive data, we support stronger decisions, improved outcomes, and cost savings.

Our Conference Communities

Life Sciences

Hanson Wade specializes in scientific research across various drug modalities, key diseases, and R&D areas. Our different products span 200+ conferences, networking groups, bespoke market research services, and databases.  


Advancing Construction is a series of niche conferences that brings together over 4,000 attendees each year to address the most pressing challenges and spotlight cutting-edge innovations transforming design and project delivery.  

Human Resources

At LEAP HR, our mission is to create industry-specific, ready-made support networks of HR leaders who are committed to re-imagining the way we work, through the creation of value-adding, niche conferences and membership groups.  

Other Life Science Products

Hyper Relevant Insight and Connections

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