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What We Do

Hanson Wade Group gives people the clarity to see where opportunity lies. We work in highly specialized fields to provide an unmatched depth and quality of content. We work in sectors where the quality of information is the difference between success and failure.

Enabling growth is at the heart of what we do.

Hanson Wade Group conferences span high-growth fields from pioneering life science, to technology-augmented construction, to radical change in HR. We run events globally, across a huge variety of topics.

Our conferences are built where rapid change leads to greater opportunity for those that are most informed.


Hanson Wade's Beacon product is a world-class data, research, and insight platform. The clinical intelligence it provides shapes the R&D decisions of scientists across the Pharmaceutical industry.

Beacon's modular design ensures that each data set provides a level of specificity and accessibility not available anywhere else.


Bespoke events offer the opportunity for our partners to customize their event experience. Private masterminds, exclusive dinners, breakfast briefings - choosing the right setting and designing the right agenda is key to a successful meeting.

Highly curated these stand alone meetings allow for a sharp focus on a critical issue or market dynamic.


We conduct qualitative research with niche experts across the spectrum of Life Science drug development. Specialising in in-depth interviews, e-surveys and secondary research; we have a range of customisable solutions.

With our fingers on the pulse of emerging research trends we enable clients to understand their markets and prospects in new layers of detail.


We bring hyper-relevant groups of forward-thinking leaders together to share hard-earned experiences and solve common problems throughout the year, helping members move forward faster.

We offer access to ready-made networks of hand-picked peers working in the same field as you and enable you to work with them in a facilitated, structured but "boundaryless" way all year round.

Love What You Do is at the heart of our culture. Success is achieved through the intelligence, commitment and ambition of our people. We are proud of the careers we have built.

If you are bright and ambitious we would love to work with you.  Find out more about working for Hanson Wade.